Invited Comment:

22/10/2021 – On Prof. Dr. Fred Keijzer’s Talk: Rainbow Intelligence

Conference on “Green Intelligence? Debating Plant Cognition”, Basel, CH

Conference Talks:

24/11/2023 – A Predecessor to Goal-directed Intentions: Need-directed Bio-intentons
“5th PLM Masterclass with Elisabeth Pacherie”, Lisbon, PT

10/11/2023 – On the Internal Environment in our Lung and Gut
“PBCS XII”, Malaga, ESP

21/08/2023 – How Sensorimotor Processes Gain Intentionality
“ECAP11”, Vienna, AUS


15/09/2022 – Cognition on Different Levels of Organisation

“GAP.11”, Berlin, GER

12/05/2022 – Gut Microbes and Human Cognition

“Utrecht Philosophy Graduate Conference”, Utrecht, NL

26/11/2021 – Extending Cognition into the Internal Environment in the Gut

Postgraduate Conference “Inter- and Transdisciplinary Philosophy”, BPPA, Newcastle, UK

10/06/2021 – How Biological Findings Can Guide Our Moral Judgments. Grading the Moral Weight of Struggles to Flourish                      

Student conference “Philosophy Across Disciplines”, Newcastle, UK

14/11/2019 – Moralische Verpflichtungen gegenüber Pflanzen

Student conference “Student Research”, Bielefeld, GER

12/07/2019 – Spenden ohne Werte?

Student conference “Effective Altruism”, Bielefeld, GER


05/09/2022 – Relating Enactive Sense-Making to Psychological Meaning[1]-Making

Coauthor: Dr. Roy Dings. “KogWis 2022”, Freiburg i. Br., GER

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